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When the kids leave for their dad’s, I count down the days or hours until they come home.  And, because I’m trying to train myself to see the good, even in crummy situations, I find myself making lists of silly reasons I’m glad I get a couple of days to myself.

For one, it gives the ice machine time to catch up. Between Abby and I, it doesn’t stand a fighting chance in this 90 degree heat. All day long we compete for ice cubes.

Not only does her absence give it time to catch up, but it gives me a more sanitary cup from which to drink. She never hesitates to sneak her dirty little paws in my glass to steal my ice. So not only are there little COVID germs in my water, they quickly multiply because the water is warm…lovely.

With Jacob, my car battery stays charged because his latest “he’s such a boy” activity has been to Jerry rig his fishing line to my car door handle to see if the rod can in fact open the door. After he realized that it was impossible to open it from the shut position, he had the brilliant idea to unlatch it first with his hand and then use the rod could actually ‘open’ it wider. I think it’s his way of testing whether his equipment can handle musky fishing with his dad and Papa. Although he proved the strength of the fiberglass rod in “opening” a car door, it failed miserably when up against my car tire. What he doesn’t yet know is that leaving his pole behind my rear passenger tire quickly renders the reel useless.  Sigh!

And because Jacob’s love of fishing runs deep, when he’s gone I also don’t have stuffed animals tied to rope hanging from the second story balcony. He pretends to fish even from inside the house and yes, his imagination compensates when a real pole or fishing line is nowhere to be found.

And shallow things – like, the house stays tidier, and I don’t have to grocery shop as often. I also don’t have to remind anyone to shut the door because the air is on, or when it’s not, so flies don’t weasel their way inside. And, I know where my phones are, and when I get a message or a call, I can actually read them…and respond!

But, the truth be told, I miss them the second they walk out the door, until the second they walk back in. I’d take the mess, or the flies, any day.

While I wait on God’s perfect timing, I will keep praying and seeking the good in this crummy situation.

What about you?  Do you ever make silly little lists?  If so, I would love to hear about it!