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Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.

Psalm 55:22

Today, I’m encouraged to try a new type of fishing.

One where instead of casting a hook or bait, I cast my cares to the wide open sea.

In the place of a lure or squirmy, squishy worm, I’ll identify each of my worries and fears and figuratively tie them on in its place.

Then I’ll cast. 

Not like a simple, girly cast.  A full pull back of the rod, tight grip, and a confident flick of the wrist as I cast those worries to God.

The worry about my future; my love life; my career; my health; my finances; my children; my family.  All those areas that have unknown nooks and crannies.  Tied up, one by one.

Then, I’ll sit and be patient – maybe drink a tall glass of lemonade – while I wait for wisdom and peace to nibble on my line.  At that time, in that short window of opportunity, I will reel it in and see just how magnificent God is.  For He will know just the type of fish I need in that very moment.

Get fishing my friends!