Please pray for the following people with me:

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HavenHaie (Georgia)

Agree I'm strong in faith and that I have the gift of faith, healing, and miracles. Agree my enemies are destroyed.

David P. Carroll (Vermont)

Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus Christ bless us today
In life and be with us and keep us
Safe from evil every day
And Lord give us strength to
Pray for the sick and suffering
Every night and we'll light a candle for the sick
And suffering tonight and the Lord Jesus Christ will hear our prayers tonight Amen Lord Jesus Christ

Anonymous (Texas)

Prayers for strength raising my kids and to keep looking to God and keep my mind healthy.


Thosophos Lachanell

Prayers for my broken health, my fitness training, and my drawing to catch back up. I've been injured and not in a good mood too many days.


Samuel (North Carolina)

Please pray that the Lord God would open and close doors for our house to sell and for us to buy a different house. May God's will be done. Thank You Lord. If we get to stay where we are at, thank You Lord; if we move to a different house amen.

Mary Lauren (North Carolina)

Please pray for my sister and my family as we are experiencing a lot of heartbreak and disappointment. Please pray for good news and a miracle for my sister.

RJ (California)

Please pray for my marriage and my husband's heart.  He had a year and half long affair and is back home after 6 month separation. Pray that he is back home for the right reasons and wants to rebuild his marriage and family. He hasn't started any help for himself, as of yet, which I know he really needs. Pray that he follows God's tug to his heart.

Pray for me to have strength no matter what way my marriage ends up. Being with him is hard - no trust etc..... divorce will be horrible.  Thank you. I appreciate it.

Kayla (Idaho)

Please pray for my husband, Jace, to be restored back to God and then restored back to our family.

God, this divorce is just a pause in my eyes. Please Lord, give me strength and protect my kids as we walk through this season.

Kimberly (Texas)

Please pray for my husband's heart to change, that he stops seeking a divorce to go find happiness and returns to the blessings he has! We are 23 years married and 25 together.  He says God is telling him to get a divorce. I know this isn't the case. My prayer is for the Holy Spirit to pour over him. For me to learn to not let my anxiety get the best of me. Trusting in God's Word.

Amber (New York)

Please pray for my friend, Amy, who is battling cancer.

Corey (Michigan)

Please pray that God transforms my husband's Valley of Trouble into a gateway of hope (Hosea 2:15).