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Today, let’s be loving toward everyone we come in contact with, whether face-to-face, virtually, verbally, or electronically.  God’s test for us at the gates of heaven will be how much we loved Him, and how much we loved others.  And boy does He know my failures in these areas.

Loving people who love you first is easy and expected.

But –

 – loving those who don’t show you love in return?  THAT’S the test. 

 – showing respect, kindness, and acceptance for people that think or believe differently than you, THAT’S the test. 

 – helping those who never help you?  THAT’S the test.

 – calling to check up on those who never call to check up on you?  THAT’S the test.

 – being patient when the moment has you feeling SO impatient?  THAT’S the test.

 – staying calm even when others think your anger is justified? THAT’S the test.

Dear Lord, thank you for loving us despite our unloving tendencies.  Help us to recall Your love for us when our tempers start to flair, or when hate or annoyance starts to enter our hearts.  I pray that our recollection of Your ability to love us no matter what, and of the grace and forgiveness You offer when we don’t measure up, will be the perfect jump start to get us back on track.  Help us be the men and women You designed us to be, and help us love like You love.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.