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During the season of suffering, stay focused on God. Don’t let your mind or thoughts aimlessly wander. When I read the Book of Exodus, three lessons were immediately apparent about how good God is.  There are likely many more, but remember, I’m only a 2.75

  1. God sends the righteous exactly what they need, when they need it (just like when He provided the Israelites the perfect amount of meat and bread they needed to sustain their bodies until the seventh day);
  • Always remember, and be grateful for, the times God has come to your rescue, even during the hard times (just like when He rescued the Israelites from Egypt, which immediately made them happy; but within three days, they quickly started complaining when they didn’t have the abundance of food that they once had in Egypt before they left); and
  • God often gives us evidence that He is near, and that He hears our prayers and is working things for the greater good, but we always seem to expect more (just like when the King of Egypt couldn’t accept any of the first nine plagues as proof of God’s miracles).

Today (and every day!) make a point to recall all the good in your life despite your suffering, and tell God, “Thank you!”  Your list doesn’t have to be long, and it’s ok if sometimes it’s repetitive of what you recalled on a previous day.

For example, today I am grateful:

  • I have a stable career that affords me the ability to work from home during the crisis and live a life of abundance.
  • I have two healthy, energetic kids.
  • God has given me content to write about.
  • For all my blog readers and followers who encourage me to keep on, keepin’ on!

Now it’s your turn!  What are YOU grateful for??