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If someone would have told you that the whole country, world even, would be advised to stay home, would you have believed them?  I know I wouldn’t have.  Who could have predicted such an event, and now that it’s here, who can possibly comprehend the full magnitude?  For most of us, this just piled on to a mountain that already seemed impossibly too high to climb. 

I’ll concede that these times are a little scary…but that’s just because generally the ‘unknown’ is scary to me.  I feel my personal best when I can both anticipate and predict the outcome – the when, the how, the why.  But that is becoming more untrue as time goes on, because God’s Word continues to remind me not to worry.  And to instead trust.

So, my friends,

Don’t worry about whether your quality of instruction pales in comparison to your child’s teacher.

Don’t worry about your source of income. 

Don’t worry about how you’re going to keep your sanity while cooped up with energetic kids who don’t understand why they can’t go to the McDonald’s playscape, or Chucky Cheese, or Jungle Java…or anywhere, really.

God, who made you, will carry you, sustain you, and rescue you (Isaiah 46:4, NIV).  Do not fret! 

Never forget that there are bright places, even in dark times.  It is up to us to look for them, and once they’re found, it’s up to us to appreciate them.  Instead of dwelling, fearing, or complaining, take notice of the blessings in your life. 

Those kids that are annoying you?  Remind yourself that there are millions of people out there praying to become parents, who would trade places with you in a heartbeat. 

That internet connection that is too slow?  Remind yourself that there are people wishing they could afford such a luxury.

The boredom and insanity that is starting to bubble up?  Remind yourself that at least you’re home safe, sound, and healthy.

Be deliberate during this time.

Check your perspective.


And dream big, big dreams.

Above all, stay positive and grateful to Our Lord for all He has given us.