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After opening a bag of Doritos today, which I told myself was exclusively for the kids, I found myself peeking in to take inventory of the “good ones.”  You know, the ones that miraculously cheated Frito Lay’s conveyor belt system to stay under the flavor sprayer a little too long?  The cheesiest, coolest ranch chips are my favorite, and when given the chance, I’ll overlook the 10 chips on top of “the one” to pluck it from beneath its little hiding place.

And then I savor it.

I realize that my habit of eating “those” chips isn’t consistent.  Sometimes I nibble on it to extend its life.  Other times I put the whole darn thing in my mouth, flavor side down, and then let it sit for a few milliseconds so it permeates every taste bud.  My method of consumption depends on, weirdly enough, quite a few factors which are neither here nor there.

More importantly though, it got me thinking: wouldn’t it be nice if we could live our lives in a similar fashion, skipping right past our dullest, darkest moments and making a beeline right for the good times, instead?  And then, once there, doing whatever-it-takes to make it last?

Ahhhh, that would be lovely.

Except, if we never stumbled across the duds in the bag, our appreciation for the chips that got double (or even triple!) the goodness wouldn’t be so great. 

You see friends, our moments of struggle make the moments of bliss that much more euphoric.  And if every moment was a social-media-worthy moment, those too would lose their luster.

Delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties.  For when [you] are weak, then [you] are strong.

2 Corinthians 12:10, NIV

So the next time you eat a bag of Doritos, remember the lesson: the pretty much flavorless chips that we may think should have been excluded by the quality control process serve an important purpose after all…they make the doused ones mo’ betta.

Oh, and if you’re craving Doritos…you can get them delivered right to your door in two days!  You’re welcome!