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One of the stories I love from the bible is in John Chapter 2.  In the story, they ran out of wine at a wedding.  Can you imagine?  It’s not like they ran out of wine but had a stock of liquor and mixer waiting in the wings.  No.  No wine meant no alcohol.  And no alcohol at a wedding?  Eek!

The embarrassment the hosts must have felt is relatable.  Recall that specific time when hosting a party and your heart raced a bit when you noticed you were down to the last piece of pizza or last few beers.  The internal debate as to whether someone should make an emergency run to the party store to restock “just in case” or whether you’ll just hope for the best.

Tucked away in John 2:5 is the Virgin Mary reminding the servants to “do whatever [Jesus] tells you” in response to their panic about the last of the wine.

What she was really saying is, “Trust Jesus regardless of how outlandish His orders may seem.”  Trust that He will provide what you need in your times of trouble. 

And in true character, Jesus came to the rescue. 

Because the servants were prepared by Mary to heed Jesus’ instruction, they followed His commands without second guessing the absurdity of what He told them to do. 

Jesus directed them to “fill the jars with water…[and] draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet” (John 2:7-8).

Something tells me that if Mary didn’t encourage the servants to trust Jesus’ commands then they would have resisted – after all, they didn’t run out of water.  They ran out of wine!

But follow Him they did; they filled the jars to the brim.  When the banquet master tasted the water, he discovered it wasn’t water at all – it was wine!  Not just any wine…the “best” wine (John 2:10)!

Only Jesus can turn regular water into the best wine.  And only Jesus can turn your current circumstance into a magnificent testimony.

If you’re in a place of doubt right now, hold this story close to your heart knowing if Jesus can make wine from water, he can make light from your darkest moments.

Keep praying. 

Keep believing. 

Keep loving.